What’s the future for artistic freedom?

🕔18/10/2016 15:20
H.A.U. Culture

Freedom of expression has long been one of the signifiers of a free society. Limitations on artistic expression, and attempts to police visual culture, from art to advertising, undermine both the freedom of the artist and the right of the public to exercise their own discretion. Yet, attempts to 'protect' the public from supposedly harmful materials remain common, and do not just come from the state or conservative elements in society. They are also made in the name of opposing sexism and racism, and 'offence' more generally.

Is there ever a good argument for censoring artists or for regulating the images and ideas that the public can be exposed to? Is advertising even a free expression issue or should it be held to different standards? Guest speakers to the event will attempt to provide answers to these and other questions.

Speaking at the event will be: Ashley Frawley (Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy, Swansea University, Author), Manick Govinda (Head, Artists' Advisory Services, Producer, Artsadmin, Vice chair, a-n The Artists Information Company), Alexander Nikolaou (Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics, Hellenic American University), Penelope Petsini (Lecturer, Art and Photography Theory, Athens School of Fine Art), Moderator: Nikos Sotirakopoulos (Lecturer in Sociology, University of Loughborough, Author)

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