The Genocide of the Greeks of Pontos

🕔11/08/2016 16:12
H.A.U. Culture

The Hellenic American Union presents a lecture by University of Western Macedonia professor and historian Konstantinos Fotiadis, on "The Genocide of the Greeks of Pontos."

During his lecture, Professor Fotiadis shall present the tragic story of the Greeks of Pontos and analyze the importance of its recognition as genocide. He will highlight lesser known aspects of the events that took place at the beginning of the 20th century through newspaper articles, letters and reports by Greek and foreign diplomats, describing the expulsions, displacements, executions, looting and leveling of Greek villages, as well as the widespread islamization attempts that were made in the area of Pontos.

A prologue to the event shall be delivered by the esteemed Mr. Chris Spirou, President of the Hellenic American Union.

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