Religion in photography and cinema

🕔28/06/2016 12:56

The Hellenic American Union presents for the eleventh consecutive year, a series of lectures on photography and cinema by Platon Rivellis. This year’s series focuses on "Religion".

The theoretician will analyze the way that artists use religious faith and rituals as a context or as a subject matter and will showcase the characteristic particularities of this use for the two art forms. During his lectures, Platon Rivellis will show excerpts from films by famous directors and examples of work by renowned photographers as well as by photographers-members of the “Photography Circle”.

Participation fee:
25€ for the entire series of lectures
7€ for any individual lecture (Limited availability. Tickets will be given out only on the day of the lecture, 30 min. prior to the event)

Registration for the entire series of lectures begins on July 1st.

You can register online or at the Hellenic American Union's Registrations Office (Daily, from 9:00-20:00, August, from 9:00-17:00)

Before you register, please see conditions of registration (121 KB, in Greek)

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