Practicing English on the Quizdom Mobile App

🕔25/04/2016 14:18

Quizdom is a free mobile app that lets users compete with other users as they answer quiz questions online. The HAU has developed material for an “English Group” in Quizdom, which lets users play the game with the aim of having fun practicing their English-language skills. The questions have been designed for learners at the B2 level and more specifically those preparing for the ECCE test.

How It Works

First download the app. It’s free and easy to download from Google Play or the App Store. See the instructions on our webpage.

Why Use the Quizdom “English Group”?

First of all, the “English Group” in the application gives students a fun way to practice their English—and on ECCE-type material. In fact, some of your students are probably already familiar with Quizdom and have it on their cell phones or tablets/iPad.

Once they register for the “English Group”, your students can compete with other students preparing for the ECCE—either from the same class or throughout Greece. This can be quite motivating for some students.

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