Poetic encounters: “Words (can) do it”

🕔15/04/2016 13:48
H.A.U. Culture

Errikos Sofras has been translating poetry exclusively for the last 25 years, and has published only 5 books - the fruits of his perennial labor. During this evening of poetry, Errikos Sofras will use his workmanship to guide the audience through the spirits of great poets such as Motokiyo Zeami, known as the artist who brought Noh to its classical epitome, the emblematic American poet Emily Dickinson, Charles Baudelaire and his infamous banned poems, the melancholic Sandro Penna, and W. H. Auden’s political and erotic themed works.

Elissavet Melli, Stephen Bacigal and Stefano Bindi will read the original poems.

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