Mini Portfolios

🕔09/09/2016 14:56

The Hellenic American Union and the Hellenic American College (HAEC) in cooperation with the “Photography Circle” present the exhibition “Mini portfolios”, curated by Platon Rivellis.

In no art does a single work suffice to outline the perspective of the artist. In the case of photography the collection of a number of photographs linked together by a creative relationship is known as a portfolio. What distinguishes a creative photograph from a simple snapshot is the creator’s presence reflected in it. The subject, the form and especially the vision are the means of formulating the creative presence. However, the coexistence of these means in a number of photographs by the same creator is what constitutes his creative identity. The exhibition “Mini Portfolios”, through small but comprehensive bodies of photographic work, aims to showcase the creative identity of 65 photographers, members of the “Photography Circle”.

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