Luxembourg: Unique Landscapes, Familiar Everyday Life

🕔21/12/2015 10:28
H.A.U. Culture

The Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Greece in cooperation with the Hellenic American College (HAEC) and the Hellenic American Union and the support of Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. presents a photo exhibition with works by two Greek artists inspired by the country of Luxembourg. Featured are photos by Maria Bourbou from the Belville project and by Manolis Papadakis from the Luxembourg project.

Maria Bourbou gives with Belville an intimate approach to the country. The simplicity, playfulness, and the unknown everyday life of a state known for its economic strength stir the artist’s interest. Manolis Papadakis presents photos that showcase historical and contemporary buildings with their magnificent architecture, the beautiful natural landscape of Luxembourg and its interaction with the human element.

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