Jumping Bean Phonics Activity

🕔05/08/2016 10:34
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What You Need:

  • Five pieces of large thick paper (oak tag or cardboard work well)
  • Index cards or construction paper
  • Markers or crayons
  • Masking tape

What You Do

  1. Start by writing the following consonants on the index cards or construction paper: B,C,F,H,M,P,R,S,D. Review the sounds these letters make with your child and ask him to say them aloud, so you’re sure he’s familiar with the sounds each of the letters makes.
  2. Next, take out your five large pieces of thick paper. On each sheet, write one of the following ending blends: -at, -ig, -og, -an, -it. Tape each sheet to the floor (leaving a bit of room between each).
  3. Start by looking at the ending sounds on the floor and saying them together.
  4. It’s time to jump! Tell your child that he’s a Mexican jumping bean, and that his job is to find a partner. Then explain the rules of the game: each time you give your child an index card with a letter on it, he’ll try to jump onto as many word matches for it as he can find. (You can use a timer if you’d like, to make things more challenging.) For example, if he had the letter “m”, he could jump on “–at” to make “mat”, or he could jump on “–an” to make “man.” But if he jumped on “–it”, he would lose his turn, because “mit” is not a word (it’s mitt!). The goal is to make as many words as possible, before the timer rings, or the player makes a mistake.
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