Identifying investments for growth

🕔16/02/2016 16:07
H.A.U. Culture

Hellenic American College/Hellenic American University continues its series of lectures on “Ideology, Education, Competitiveness and Mass Media”, with a panel discussion exploring Greece’s development potential in an increasingly globalized environment. The event is organized with Hellenic American Union and in cooperation with the Greek Department of the Association of European Journalists.

Panelists will explore the kinds of private and public investments that Greece needs in a rapidly changing world marked by the rapid diffusion of technology, global transfers of production facilities and geo-economic upheaval. Other issues to be broached by panelists include the role of the state and new forms of entrepreneurial partnerships.

Panel discussants are: Evangelos Venizelos, former Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister for Foreign Affairs and for Finance; Giannis Paraschis, Athens International Airport CEO; Dimitris Ioannou, economist; and Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou, economist and founder of Blueground. Athanasios Papandropoulos, Executive Director of the Greek Section of the Association of European Journalists will be coordinating the discussion. Leonidas-Phoebus Koskos, President of Hellenic American University, will make a few introductory remarks.

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