How the YLTE are scored

🕔16/02/2016 13:16

All sections of the YLTE are scored by CaMLA in the U.S.A.

Speaking examiners score the speaking tests, and then speaking scores — along with the completed listening, and reading and writing test booklets — are returned to CaMLA.

The completed test booklets are scored very carefully by a team of trained raters. To make sure that each child gets the fairest possible result, all tests are checked twice. In most parts of the test, spelling has to be 100% correct.

There is no pass/fail score. Usually within 4 weeks after taking the examination, all test takers receive a certificate with the following information:

  • a score for each section of the test so test takers can see the areas in which they have done well and the areas in which they need to improve;
  • a total score.

The maximum score is five medals per section. A result of one medal means the test taker can improve significantly in the section’s skill; a result of five medals means that the test taker did very well in the section’s skill and answered most questions correctly.

The maximum total score is 15 medals. With a total score of 10 medals or more, a test taker should be ready to start preparing for the next CaMLA YLTE exam.

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