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The seventh volume “Peloponnese” of a major publication devoted to traditional costumes features traditional costumes and headdresses from the Peloponnese, with a total of 102 sketches by Gisis Papageorgiou. The 12-volume bilingual publication on Hellenic Traditional Costumes is a monumental work of Greek folklore. When completed, the publication will be the most extensive and possibly most complete inventory of Greek dress from the Greek world of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
The work is published by the Hellenic American Union in cooperation with Militos Publications.
Scientific documentation: Aikaterini Polymerou - Kamilaki, Former Director, Scientific Associate of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre of the Academy of Athens.

Gisis Papageorgiou is a retired Captain of the Hellenic Navy, having resigned in 1981. For a period of 12 years, he worked as a cartoonist to a number of Athenian newspapers and magazines. In 1996, after having collected necessary documents and information on the history of the Hellenic Lighthouse Network and having drawn 130 lighthouses, he first published the book entitled Stone Lighthouses of Greece. Accordingly, in 1998, his research on the history and his drawing of the uniforms of the Hellenic Navy, spanning from the period of Kapodistria up to present, was completed, resulting in the publication of the book Hellenic Naval Uniforms. Along with these projects, he worked on humorous writings of the history of modern Greece, as reflected in other books. His ardent interest in Hellenic Traditional Costumes began 40 years ago. While it only remained a purely amateur pursuit for the first ten years, it was after his meeting with the folklorist and collector Andreas Papageorgiou that his work acquired a more focused approach, which led to the research and documentation of the Hellenic Traditional Costume, and resulted to an enormous selection of substantiated drawings. This particular occupation became his main research and artistic venture and absorbed all his professional efforts since 2000.

To order the Hellenic Traditional Costumes volumes please contact, Head Office Didotou 15, Athens, tel.: 2103680920, email: publications@hau.gr.

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