European Day of Languages 2015

🕔24/09/2015 21:20
English Teachers in Serres

September 26th is dedicated each year to the languages spoken in the European Union, at the initiative of the Council of Europe.

On the occasion of the day, a range of events are organised across Europe:

  • activities for and with children,

  • television and radio programmes,

  • language classes and conferences.

The board of TEUM has organised a workshop at the Public Library of Serres to celebrate this Day

and we are in the pleasant position to share the materials produced with our members and friends.

At the link below you can find and download the lesson plan and worksheets HERE

addressing pupils aged 10-13.

We would be glad to hear from you if you use this material.

Send us photos and comments on our facebook page

You can also watch watch a web-streamed debate in Brussels on the challenges of multilingualism in schools, business and society.

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