"Environmental Portfolio for Quality in University Education: Best Practices in/for social-economical and environmental Sustainability"

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Παν/μιο Ιωαννίνων Συνέδρια
20-22 May 2016

The coordinator of the project EPOQUE, Katerina Plakitsi, Associate Professor of Science Education, at the Department of Early Childhood, School of Education, University of Ioannina, in close cooperation with, University of Helsinki, University of Naples, Hellenic Open University, BEST Institute and Project in Motion (PIM) are happy to announce the organization of the International conference" Environmental Portfolio for Quality in University Education: Best Practices in/for social-economical and environmental Sustainability". The conference will be held at University of Ioannina (http://www.uoi.gr/en/ ), which is located in the city of Ioannina, during the 20th - 22th of May 2016.

In general, the project EPOQUE promotes a smart specialization of prospective teachers, scientists and engineers through an environmental portfolio ready to be integrated into the university syllabuses. It creates a new generation of green teachers, green scientists, green engineers in the context of higher education modernization agenda connected to SMEs and organizations (including schools).
The conference aims to stimulate reflective discussions to change policies in Universities, as well as to promote change in social, economical and environmental aspects of society.

Themes of the conference
? Participatory methods in sustainable management of natural resources
? Current state and future of the Baltic and Mediterranean Area
? Green Entrepreneurship - Intelligent energy
? Applied Energy management systems in/for Organizations (including schools)
? Science Literacy as a factor for treatment of environmental crisis
? Ecology and sustainability: new meanings and new practices in the times of crisis
? Managing social relations in University for Sustainability
? Innovative Curriculum on Sustainability
? Teachers training on Sustainability
? Scientist?s and Engineer?s training on Sustainability

Presentation Forms
Individual Papers: presentation; 20 min.
Symposium: Self structured; max 2 hours
Workshop: Self structured; max 45 minutes
Virtual Presentations: 20 min
Posters: Paper size;
?? 59.4cm (width) x 84.1cm (height)
?? 23.4inches x 33.1inches

Official Languages: English and Greek

The abstracts for papers, symposiums, workshops should be written in a WORD format using Times New Roman 12 pt. It should be single spaced and fully justified and its length should not exceed 250 words.
The organizer of a Symposium should submit all the papers together including an extra abstract/description of the whole Symposium.
The proposals should be submitted via e-mail:

Submission deadline: March 20, 2016
Registration deadline: May 21, 2016


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email: kplakits@cc.uoi.gr ; kplakits@gmail.com;

Conference Website
More information about the Conference is available on the ?POQUE project's website:

Οργάνωση: @ Formal and Informal Science Education (@FISE) Researching group of the University of Ioannina
Τοποθεσία: IOANNINA
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