Education and Mass Media as springboards for development

🕔18/02/2016 11:56
H.A.U. Culture

The Hellenic American College / Hellenic American University and the Hellenic American Union in cooperation with the Greek Department of the Association of European Journalists present an event aiming to showcase the importance of the educational system and the role of Mass Media in creating an enabling environment that promotes concepts such as competiveness, open markets and innovation.

Featured speakers at the event include Thanos Veremis (Historian and Professor Emeritus of Political History at the University of Athens), Leonidas-Phoebus Koskos (President of the Hellenic American University), Kostas Doukas (Member of the BD of the Founders Association of Greek Private Schools), Ioakim Kallivrousis (President of the Steering Committee of Private Schools’ Parents Associations in Greece), George Theof. Kalkanis (Professor at the University of Athens) and the journalists Dimitris Markopoulos (Proto Thema), Anestis Ntokas (Kathimerini), Stefanos Kotzamanis (euro2day), Tasos Papadopoulos (KONTRA TV), Christos Konstas (To Xrima, Paraskinio), Fanis Zouropoulos (President of the Greek Section of the Association of European Journalists) and Athanasios Papandropoulos (Executive Director of the Greek Section of the Association of European Journalists).

This event is the first in a series entitled “Ideology, Education, Competiveness and Mass Media”.

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