2015-2016 Healthy food for healthy living: A revolution that starts at school

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Τhe Hellenic American Union welcomed the finalists of the 2015-2016 Essay Contest escorted by their relatives and teachers. After a brief welcome note by Dr. John Petropoulos, Coordinator of International Relations at the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications, there followed a brief presentation by Ms. Spyridoula Kokkali, FLS owner from Aharavi in Corfu, of a healthy eating program she has been running with her students. Participants then enjoyed a presentation by Ms. Marianna Thimiaki, Yoga teacher, on the benefits of consuming healthy food, exercising and keeping one’s organism in perfect balance.

After the presentations the finalists took part in the final stage of the contest and wrote an essay on the following topic, prompt and task:


New course for the school curriculum

School authorities announced their plan to add a new course to the school curriculum from the upcoming academic year. The new course, which will be called Food and Health, will introduce young students to the principles of a healthy diet for a healthy life. Authorities believe that the new course will promote the principles of healthy living within the community in general.

Task: Essay

Do you believe that an extra course in the school curriculum about food and health would benefit students or not? Give specific reasons and use examples to support your opinion.

The event ended with lunch for participants at the Hellenic American Union.

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